2014 – New Beginnings

Since I found the internet and made my first website on Geocities in 1998, I have always kept some sort of blog. I started on GoddessSoul using Moveable Type, then LiveJournal, Xanga, and lastly a self hosted WordPress site. I’ve came up with numerous site designs for myself, some in Flash, others just on paper – in fact, I still design ideas to this day. The funny thing though, I rarely blogged. Just a few posts here and there, maybe the occasional emotional outburst, or an idea that came to mind, but I’ve always kept a blog, always archived and/or backed up each post, and have never let go of my past words.

At the same time, I’ve never had a problem setting up something new – a blank slate.

But I never let go of my past. Those blogs were still around. Snippets I copied and pasted, ideas reused, and paragraphs recycled, mostly due to laziness but partially because I never wanted to rewrite and redefine myself.

It’s a new decade for me.

It’s a nerve wrecking idea.

But it’s time.


A time for new beginnings and different ideas. Blogs have been a reflection of my life, I’ve held on to things and was never afraid of starting up something new. But I’ve never hit that reset, to rewrite my words and start again, truly anew.¬†The past still remains, but I have bold ideas for the near future and those words cannot speak for me now.

It’s time.

Welcome to my new site.


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